Cecilia Rodhe
It is the promise of art as a universal language that has motivated Cecilia Rodhe throughout her career as a sculptor and that informs every piece she has ever created. Like so many of the great sculptors of the past, she works with elemental themes and forms, which she imbues with a sense that is at once timeless and very much in the now.

All of her sculptures express the dichotomy of strength and fragility that is at the very center of what it is to be human, and that is also intrinsic to the nature of stone, her primary medium, and the one in which she began her career nearly twenty years ago.

 Film of Cecilia rodhe at work 

‘Heya’ (She) magazine in February 2010 (click to download a PDF)

 The MONEYworks Bronze & Art Exhibition 2009, at Dubai 

Cecilia Rodhe's life and works