2009Dubai, Exhibition

2009 “The Journey of Three Souls”, Urban Zen Initiative, New York

2007 “The Promise” Galerie 75 Faubourg, Paris

2007 “ The Promise” exhibited during the Urban Zen Initiative by Donna Karan, New York

2006 “The Promise” Artlife Gallery, New York

2004 Installation of first large scale public piece at the Milton and Betty Katz Jewish community center in Atlantic City, New Jersey

2003 The Briggs Robinson Gallery, New York

2002 Gallery Mabel Semmler, Paris

2001 Palais des Nations, United Nations, Geneva

2001 Gallery Wetterling Stockholm, Sweden

2000 B&B International Gallery, New York

1999 United Nations Headquarters, New York

1998 Mac 2000, Quay Branly, Paris

1998 Dillon Gallery, New York

1998 Royal Gallery, Rue Royal, Paris

1997 Dillon Gallery, New York

1997 La Coupole, Paris

1996 City Hall Vichy, France

1996 Dillon Gallery, New York

1992-96 Portes ouverte Atelier des Artistes de Belleville, Paris

1991 Paris Art Star, Quai Branly, Paris


Two sculptures at theSwedish Embassy in Paris
One sculpture at theUnited nations International School in NYC