The concept “Listening” is really about awareness and conciousness.

I have always liked to have concepts attached to the forms I create. My last project, “The Promise”, was about the possibilities of reinventing yourself, your thoughts and your world. The work connected the simple organic shape of an egg with the idea that inside the egg is an alchemy so superb that it can create life. That concept can be applied to any area of our life and how we move in it.

“Listening” retains the round shape that I am so drawn to, but the sculptures have openings like mouths or ears, and they communicate with each other. A friend of mine said they look like creatures that have fallen down from the skies, or like big eyes that are just looking at us.

Listening is also an critical activity in life, whether it is on a personal level or between countries in conflict. If we could just listen a little more and take a little more time to let our awareness grow, the consciousness inside our hearts would be awakened.

To listen to each other. To listen to a baby trying to communicate with the world. Listening to the melody of the ocean and the rattling of the leaves in the summer wind. Simply listening to the truth of our own inner voice.

Its not easy to listen or to have the patience to hear what the universe is trying to tell us, and sometimes we so want to talk that we do not listen to what is being said to us. I guess that’s why God gave us one mouth and two ears.

Cecilia Rodhe

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