12th oct.2009

Cecilia Rodhe, came to Innocence in Danger's summer camps last summer in Switzerland. She did not know the children and they did not know her.
Our experience of seven years on this beautiful human journey, has taught us, that contact between artistes and the children who have endured abuse and become survivals, is never guaranteed.

In a few days of artwork, Cecilia was able not only to build a thread of trust and creativity between the children and herself, but also to bring out from their deep "inside" the voice of what they were not able to say or describe.

Once the sessions were over, we, as every year gave a questionnaire to our young guests so that they can share with us their impressions and feed back.- unanimously, they said that Cecilia was their favorite artiste, the one who had been able to talk to their souls, to their hearts, she had given them the courage to speak the unspoken.

Their artwork has been exhibited so far at Danna Karan's Urban Zen event last year in New York and in the Senat in Paris few months ago. With all my heart and appreciation of what Cecila made come true, I am honored to count on her today and in the future.

Homayra Sellier,

President and Founder of Worldwide Mouvement

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